Burlington High School
Vermont's Oldest Yearbook (1901-2013)

What is an "OREAD"?



Besides the title of Burlington High School's yearbook, an Oread is a maiden bound to the Greek goddess Artemis, indigenous to the streams and ravines of rugged mountains.

Indigenous to the sometimes rugged, always extraordinary shores of Lake Champlain, Burlington's students have created an annual snapshot of their community for the past 110 years.

The BHS OREAD has been published continually since 1901, except for 1903 (printer destroyed by fire) and 1910-1912 (never published for unknown reasons).

The OREAD documented life at the original high school (now Edmunds Middle School), and today captures the frenzy and excitment of life at the school's current location on Institute Road. Moving to an all-color format since the 2008-09 school year, the modern yearbook reflects the evolving scope and diversity of Burlington High School, and that of the city itself.

Are you one of the thousands of Burlington High School graduates whose yearbook collection is incomplete? The 2010 yearbook staff is offering much of its archive up for sale to fund expansion and the purchase of new equipment. While the school safely stores its own yearbook archives back as far as 1901, the surplus archives are being offered to the community.

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